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Ten Reasons to Make a Will 设立遗嘱的十个理由

You can (你可以):

1. Decide what happens to your property决定如何处理分配自己生前的财产

2. Appoint trustworthy Executor(s) 任命自己信任的遗产分配执行人

3. Care for loved ones 通过遗产分配来关顾自己爱的人

4. Appoint guardian(s) for your child(ren)为未成年或需要特殊照顾的孩子任命监护人

5. Protect your assets保护你的资产

6. Minimize legal costs and probate fees减少可能的法律费用和遗产分配费

7. Make the administration of your estate easier让你的遗产管理分配更容易

8. Make charitable gifts做出慈善捐赠

9. Create trust for your loved ones 为你所爱的人设置信托

10. Avoid disputes or litigation between proposed beneficiaries避免遗产受益人之间可能的纠纷甚至诉讼

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