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The Charter protects your right (人权和宪章保护你的权利)

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is part of Canada’s Constitution and protects you from the moment you arrive in Canada. It sets out the values that Canadians live by and describes the kinds of personal human rights and freedoms we can expect in this country.

“人权和自由宪章” 是加拿大宪法的一部分. 从你到达加拿大的那一刻它就开始保护你。它规定了加拿大人生活的价值和描述了我们在这个国度能期待的个人人权和自由的性质。

Some of those rights and freedoms include (其中一些权利和自由包括):

  • The right to life, liberty and personal security(生命,民主和个人安全的权利)

  • Freedom of conscience and religion (道德和信仰宗教的自由)

  • Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media (思想,信仰,观点和言论的自由,包括在报纸和其他媒体表达观点的自由)

  • Freedom to hold peaceful meetings(举行和平集会的自由)

  • Freedom to join groups (加入团体的自由)

  • Protection from unreasonable search or seizure and unjustified detainment and imprisonment (保护不受到不合理的搜查或者逮捕以及不公正的拘留和囚禁的权利)

  • The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty (没有被证明有罪前假定为无辜的权利)

  • The right to retain and instruct counsel (a lawyer) without delay (及时雇佣律师和向律师发出指示的权利)

  • The right to a fair trial, through due process of law (通过正常的法律程序,得到公正审判的权利)

  • The right to equal protection and benefit under the law, without discrimination (享有平等保护和受益于法律,而不被歧视的权利)

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