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Two Possible Sources of Compensation to Accident Victims Statutory Accident Benefits & Tort Clai

If you have been injured in a car accident, you, your family members and those dependants on you may also be entitled to receive statutory accident benefits as set out in the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). (你,你的家人和依靠你生活的人,在你事故受伤后,可能可以得到在“安省事故福利法案”中提到的事故福利)

Innocent accident victims and their family members also have the right to sue for damages and losses as a result of the car accident. This action is called a Tort Claim. (无辜的事故受害者和他们的家庭成员有权利去起诉并且争取因事故损失而应得的赔偿。这种法律行为是TORT 赔偿诉讼)

Under SABS, you may be entitled to (根据SABS, 你可能得到)

  • Supplementary Medical and Habitation Benefits (补充的医疗和康复福利)

  • Attendant Care Benefits (看护照顾的福利)

  • Funeral and Death Benefits (丧葬和死亡福利)

  • Weekly Income Replacement Benefits (每月的收入补偿福利)

  • Non-Earner Benefits (无工作人员福利)

  • Caregiver Benefits (依靠你的家人得到的福利)

  • Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Benefits (家庭维护福利)

Under the Tort Claim, you may be entitled to(根据TORT 赔偿诉讼,你可能得到)

  • Pain and Suffering (痛苦和受伤损失赔偿)

  • Wrongful Death; Loss of Care, Guidance and Companionship (无意死亡; 失去亲人照顾,引导和陪伴的损失赔偿)

  • Excess Health Care Expenses (SABS不覆盖的健康和治疗费用赔偿)

  • Loss of Income (工资损失赔偿)

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