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Family Law Limited Scope Services 家庭法局部聘用的法律服务

Typically, when our clients retain our services, they will receive comprehensive representation from Ontario divorce lawyers who will assist in all aspects of their matter. However, we also offer the option for clients to retain our services on a limited scope basis. This is known as the unbundling of legal services. We understand that the expense associated with comprehensive legal services can be prohibitive to many, but we also understand that the legal system can be quite confusing and daunting to face entirely on your own. 通常,当我们的客户聘用我们时,他们将获得我们律师的全方位和全程的法律代理,协助处理他们各方面的事务。 然而,我们也为客户提供“局部聘用的法律服务”的选项。 这被称为“可以拆分的法律服务”。 我们知道,综合法律服务的法律费用对许多人来说可能是昂贵的,但我们也知道,当你自己一个人面对整个法律系统时,这可能会让您感到非常困惑和怯步。

The limited scope services offer you an affordable option for qualified legal representation. If you are comfortable in representing yourself, but want legal guidance in certain areas, then the limited scope services can be a cost-effective option for you. “局部聘用法律服务”为您提供了一个能支付得起的法律服务选择。 如果您希望自己代表自己,同时希望在某些法律诉讼或调解过程中的某些方面获得法律指导,那么我们的局部聘用法律服务对您来说是一种经济有效的选择。

Services We Offer to Self-Represented Parties: 我们对自我代表的当事人提供以下服务:

* Drafting services to prepare pleadings (notice of claims or replies), affidavits, and notice of motions 文档草拟服务,准备诉状(申请或者答复),宣誓书,和动议通知

* Drafting of Case Conference Briefs and Settlement Conference Briefs 起草案例会议概要和安置会议概要

* Consultation on a specific legal issue就特定法律问题进行咨询;

* Preparing you for examinations, mediation, settlement conference, and/or trial 为调查,调解,和解会议和/或审判做准备

* Legal opinions 法律意见; 和

* Legal research for case law relevant to your case and/or analyzing and reviewing case law provided to you by the other party. 与您的案件相关的案例法的法律调查和/或分析和审核对方向您提供的案例法。

This list is not exhaustive and it only provides a sampling of what we offer. We strongly believe in assisting clients however we can. 这份清单并非详尽无遗,只提供了我们所给予的服务例子。 我们坚信我们可以为客户提供帮助。

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